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SQL Server Management Studio -- where is Tools/Import and Export settings menu?

In Visual Studio, there is an Import and Export settings wizard which you can use to customize Visual Studio and save settings to a .settings file.

Do we have something like it in SQL Server Management Studio?

I'm constantly switching between several VM's and configuring each SSMS is a pain in the neck. I want to be able to save my settings to a file, then import it in all my VM's.

Thank you.

Answer Source

Looks like MS has (essentially) acknowledged that, if this did exist, it's gone and there are no firm plans to bring it back...

From Microsoft Connect

Hi Doug, Thank you for your suggestion to import/export settings for the R2 release. We will not be considering this for R2. We have this request already on file and we'll look at it for a future release beyond R2 to address this request.


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