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Best way to see a EkReminder recurrence frequency?

When loading a reminder from the EKEventStore, what is the best way to determine what type of recurrence frequency the reminder has?

So far I have been able to see if the reminder contains a recurrenceRule using:

if reminder.hasRecurrenceRules {
if true {
print("Reminder has recurrence rule")

But as this only returns a boolean. I was wondering how best I can return a reminders recurrence frequency (i.e. if the recurrence rule is .daily or .weekly). Do I need to use a different method and if so, how?

I’m a complete rookie at this so I hope some of this makes sense, I could be completely off the ball…

I really appreciate any help and guidance! Thank you!

Answer Source

Every EKCalendarItem has an array of recurrence rules recurrenceRules, instances of EKRecurrenceRule

Therefore, you can check for example:

if let recurrenceRule = reminder.recurrenceRules.first {
   if recurrenceRule.frequence == .daily {
      // do something
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