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How to use ADB to send touch events to device using sendevent command?

I am trying to send touch events to a device using AndroidDebugBridge, so that I can do some basic automation for UI tests. I have followed the discussion in LINK. I am able to use sendevent to simulate touch on emulators, but unable to do the same on a device.

Like in above link the emulator seems to send out 6 events for each touch ( xcoord, ycoord, 2 for press,2 for release) and it was easy to use this information to sendevents, but a getevent for the touchscreen for a device seems to generate far too many events.

Has somebody managed to send touch from ADB to a device? Could you please share the solution.

Answer Source

Android comes with an input command-line tool that can simulate miscellaneous input events. To simulate tapping, it's:

input tap x y

You can use the adb shell ( > 2.3.5) to run the command remotely:

adb shell input tap x y
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