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Xcode 5.1 - No architectures to compile for (ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=YES, active arch=x86_64, VALID_ARCHS=i386)

After updating to Xcode 5.1, I can no longer build my project for the 64-bit simulator, receiving this error:

No architectures to compile for (ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=YES, active arch=x86_64, VALID_ARCHS=i386).

These are my target build settings:

Xcode target build settings

I tried changing "Build Active Architecture" to No, as well as adding "i386" to the "Valid Architectures", unfortunately neither worked.
Thanks for any suggestions!

Answer Source

I had the same error message after upgrading to XCode 5.1. Are you using CocoaPods? If so, this should fix the problem:

  1. Delete the "Pods" project from the workspace in the left pane of Xcode and close Xcode.
  2. Run "pod install" from the command line to recreate the "Pods" project.
  3. Re-open Xcode and make sure "Build Active Architecture Only" is set to "No" in the build settings of both the "Pods" project and your own project.
  4. Clean and build.
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