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iOS Question

Directory not found for option '-L/Users/..../TestFlightSDK1.1'

I am trying to archive my Xcode project, but its giving some warning like this:

Directory not found for option '-L/Users/..../TestFlightSDK1.1

It won't be there in that path, I removed that Folder from my project. I've tried all answers in Stackoverflow, but its not working.

  • I cleaned my project

  • I deleted all values in my
    Target -> Build Settings -> Library Search Paths and Header SearchPaths

  • I looked onto my

But I didn't found any sign

How can I solve that warning?

Answer Source

i don't know how it solved yet. I removed some of my Third Party Libraries and again i added them. I did the same in Link Binary With Libraries in Build Phases, removed some of the libraries which is used by Third Party Libraries. It worked fine.

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