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Javascript Question

Mixing javascript with jquery

On a click I assign a class to my element (SVG PATH) using pure javascript:


The new class is part of a series of other classes it already has. However once this new class is added to the clicked element, it should also give a class
to other elements in the html which have any matching classes with the clicked element itself.


<button class="1600 1500"></button>
<button class="1600 1300 1200"></button>
<button class="1300 1200 1700 1800"></button>
<button class="1300 1200 1100 1900"></button>

<div class="1600 1700 item leaflet"></div>

I don't know which button has a matching class since those classes are dynamic too. All I know is that the div will have any class matching any button's class.

The thing is that for specific reasons I am using pure javascript to assign a new class name on click on the div (works):


So the following won't work: {
var classes = this.attr('class').split(' ')
classes.forEach(function(elem) {
$('.' + elem).addClass('active');

This how i call the click:

function onEachFeature(feature, layer) {
click: panelShow

function panelShow(e) {
// This works, the class is added to the clicked element

But I have buttons outside this and needs to have a class active as per the question.

Desired after the div click

<div class="1600 1700 item leaflet active"></div>

<button class="1600 1500 active"></button>
<button class="1600 1300 1200 active"></button>
<button class="1300 1200 1700 1800 active"></button>
<button class="1300 1200 1100 1900"></button>

This is how I deal with the opposite, clicking on the buttons (and

var date;
$("button").on("click", function(b) {

date = $(this).attr("data-date");

$('path').attr('class', function(index, classNames) {
return classNames.replace('active', '');

$("svg ." + date).attr('class', function(index, classNames) {
return classNames + ' active';



In real life on the buttons I am using
data attribute
but consider it as a
class for the example question on here, it's just a paste from a more complex code I have.

Also I am using leafletsJS, that's why the javascript click in
the function above.

Answer Source

One option is:

var buttons = []'.buttons button'));

function panelShow(e) {
  var clickedPath = this.getElement();
  var datum = (clickedPath.getAttribute('class').match(/\d+/g) || [])[0];
  buttons.forEach(function(btn) {
    var method = btn.getAttribute('data-date') === datum ? 'add' : 'remove';
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