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Javascript Question

a solution to include jquery & js in the end of the html while at the same time a control which is included in the middle requires $(document).ready

i am building a website using asp.net mvc and jquery.

as a best practice its known that including javascript should be done at the end of the html page.

so i basically include jquery.js and other js files in the end of the html before the /body tag.

now i have some controls which are included in the page as partials. and they need to add functionally to $(document).ready.

but i write the code as a script tag in the partial then the jquery library wont be even included at that time and i cant include this javascript at the end of the html from within the partial. since the partial is included in the middle of the html.

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Move all javascript in single file(you may exclude jQuery file) and move it to the bottom.

If you are talking of good practice then, then writing inline javascript is not a good practice too.

So I would suggest move all your java script to single file,there are many tools available that merge multiple javascript files and crunch them, use those!!


You may try this:

//define this at before body (or at the beginning of body)
var arrReadyCollection = [];

Inside controllers:


At the end, after jQuery file

for (i=0;i<arrReadyCollection.length; i++)
     var fn= arrReadyCollection[i];

Note: this is not recommended way, its just way you can solve your problem

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