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CSS Question

Save and open the content of a textarea

i'm working on a text editor as part of a school project and i'm having a small issue with my save and open code.

Here are my buttons:

<button id="gu" onclick="save()">Save</button>
<button id="ab" onclick="open()">Open</button>

Here's my textarea:

textarea name="comment" rows=30 cols=101 id="texto"></textarea>

And here's my javascript functions:

function save()
gu = document.getElementById("texto");


function open()


My goal is that if write something and then press the "save" button, the content inside my textarea is saved, and if i press the "open" button it shows what i wrote on the textarea.

Any idea on how to fix my code?

Sorry if my english is bad.

Answer Source

Here you go:

function save()
    localStorage.setItem("someitem", document.getElementById("texto").value);
    document.getElementById("texto").value = "";
    console.log(texto + "=" + gu);

function retrieve(){
        document.getElementById("texto").value = localStorage.getItem("someitem");

You can't use open() as a function name because it's already a built-in function in javascript, so I changed it to retrieve(). See here:

Is there some reason you're required to use setItem()? Using a variable (gu) and setItem is redundant. It would work either way.

Also to get and set the text inside a text area I you need to use value().

I also changed the save() function so that it clears the textbox, so that you can see something happen when you click retrieve().

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