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jQuery Question

Typescript: Using jquery $(this) in event


<button data-id="3">Click Me</button>

In classic jQuery I would do:

$("div").on("click","button", test);

function test(){

To get the
of the clicked element

In Typescript (in a class) I use:

class foo { ...
$("div").on("click", "button", (event) => this.test());

public test(){
alert($(this).data("id")); // "undefined"


Here I don't get the clicked element -
is the instance of the class.

What did I do wrong?

Answer Source

According to Typescript's spec "this" is referring to the instance of class the method belongs to/is called on.

You could use the target attribute of the event object passed to the callback:

class foo {
  public test(evt){
    alert($("id")); // "undefined"

Or event.currentTarget depending on if you want to get the element actually clicked on or the element which captured the event.

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