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Can not sort the value in asc order as per key using PHP

I have an issue. I need to sort my array value in asc order using PHP. I am explaining my code below.

{"restaurant_name":"The Garage Sports Bar","distance":"0.48Km"},
{"restaurant_name":"A&P Chinese Food Express","distance":"8.81Km"},
{"restaurant_name":"Green Chilli","distance":"19.37Km"},
{"restaurant_name":"Pulcinella - Authentic Napoletana Pizza","distance":"1.31Km"}

I have above data to sort in asc order My php code is given below.

$sortArray = array();
foreach($data as $person){
foreach($person as $key=>$value){
$sortArray[$key] = array();
$sortArray[$key][] = $value;
$orderby = "distance";

After sorting it i am getting the following output.

$data=[{"restaurant_name":"The Garage Sports Bar","distance":"0.48Km"},{"restaurant_name":"Pulcinella - Authentic Napoletana Pizza","distance":"1.31Km"},{"restaurant_name":"Green Chilli","distance":"19.37Km"},{"restaurant_name":"A&P Chinese Food Express","distance":"8.81Km"}]

But it could not be sort properly in ASC order. Here i need to sort the array in ascending order. Please help me.

Answer Source

Specify the sorting type as SORT_NUMERIC in the array_multisort function as follows


This will give you the desired result.

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