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send track informations via A2DP/AVRCP

I'm trying to send track informations via A2DP/AVRCP. Right now, music is perfectly streamed, but on the "receiver" (ie: car audio), the "track informations screen" is blank (which is not the case using popular players out there).
Any idea ?

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This code worked for me:

private static final String AVRCP_PLAYSTATE_CHANGED = "com.android.music.playstatechanged";
private static final String AVRCP_META_CHANGED = "com.android.music.metachanged";

private void bluetoothNotifyChange(String what) {
    Intent i = new Intent(what);
    i.putExtra("id", Long.valueOf(getAudioId()));
    i.putExtra("artist", getArtistName());
    i.putExtra("track", getTrackName());
    i.putExtra("playing", isPlaying());        
    i.putExtra("ListSize", getQueue());
    i.putExtra("duration", duration());
    i.putExtra("position", position());

Call bluetoothNotifyChange with the appropriate intent (defined above) depending on your playback status: pause/playing/metadata changed.

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