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Assign value to var in Smarty from specific values

Can I assign this:

{{if $phone_numbers.0.extension}} EXT. {{$phone_numbers.0.extension}}{{/if}}

to a var in Smarty3? How? I have seen
but I don't know how to concatenate values using it, any help?

EDIT: is this the right way?

What do you think about this:

{{if $phone.extension}} {{$phone_number|cat:"EXT. $phone.extension"}}{{/if}}

Answer Source

You cannot use conditionals in {assign} but you can use {capture}:

{{capture name=foo assign=bar}}
  {{if $phone_numbers.0.extension}} EXT. {{$phone_numbers.0.extension}}{{/if}}

This renders the content of the {capture} block but doesn't output it. Instead it stores is for later use.

You can find it in {$} or in the variable {$bar}.

The assign attribute is optional; you don't use it and the variable {$bar} (or whatever name you use) is not modified. However, the captured content is always stored in the variable {$} (or whatever name you use for it).

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