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Making N sequential api calls using RxJava and Retrofit

I have a list of files that I'd like to upload to the backend from an Android device. Due to memory constraints, I'd like to make the second API call only after the first finished, the third after the second finished, and so on.

I wrote something like

private Observable<Integer> uploadFiles(List<File> files) {
return Observable.create(subscriber -> {
for (int i = 0, size = files.size(); i < size; i++) {
UploadModel uploadModel = new UploadModel(files.get(0));
int uploadResult = retrofitApi.uploadSynchronously(uploadModel);

But I feel like this might be going against the spirit of Rx, and the saying is if you're using Observable.create, you're probably doing it wrong...
Is this a reasonable approach? Is there a better way to achieve this with Retrofit's RxJava integration?

Answer Source

Naively, I would do that (it does not work, though, see below):

return Observable.from(files).concatMap(file -> retrofitApi.upload(uploadModel));

Now the issue is that there is no way to tell retrofit to use only one thread for those calls.

reduce, however, passes the result of one function call to the next, along with the next emitted value from the original observable. That would work, but the function passed to reduce needs to be synchronous. Not good.

Another approach would be to modify the observable recursively:

void getNextFile(int i) {
    return retrofit.upload(i).
        onNext(result -> getNextFile(i + 1));

roughly. But I am not sure how to clean it to make it more readable.

The cleanest I would think would be something like:

Observable.from(files).map(file -> retrofitApi.uploadSynchronously(new UploadModel(file)));
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