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Parse Cloud code not responding error or success with promises

My Parse cloud code is not responding with an error or success. It just times out, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It should save multiple values in different tables, and finish with sending a push message to a user.

The push message and user table are adjusted and send, but the street and the ledger objects are not being saved correctly. Also the response is not being called.

I did work in the past (or I was just lucky). Any thought on what I'm doing wrong?

var buyerId = request.params.buyerid;
var sellerName = request.params.sellername;
var streetId = request.params.streetid;
var amount = request.params.amount;
var pushMessageTemplate = request.params.pushMessage;

var log = request ? request.log : console;
var Streets = Parse.Object.extend('SHStreets');
var streetQuery = new Parse.Query(Streets);
streetQuery.equalTo("objectId", streetId);
useMasterKey: true,
success: function (street) {
var streetName = street.get("name");

var query = new Parse.Query(Parse.User);
query.equalTo("objectId", buyerId);
useMasterKey: true,
success: function (user) {
var promises = [];
var now = new Date();

var buyerName = user.get("username");
// Set and save the change
user.set("balance", user.get("balance") - amount);
user.set("streets", user.get("streets") + 1);

street.set("current_owner", user);
street.set("owned_since", now);
street.set("for_sale", false);
street.set("price_bought", amount);

var acl = new Parse.ACL();
acl.setWriteAccess(user, true);

//update ledger
var Ledger = Parse.Object.extend("Ledger");
var ledger = new Ledger();

ledger.set("type", "buy");
ledger.set("amount", amount);
ledger.set('ledger_time', now);
ledger.set("user", user);
ledger.set("description", "x");

promises.push(Parse.Object.saveAll([street, user, ledger], { useMasterKey: true }));

// Find users with a given email
var userQuery = new Parse.Query(Parse.User);
userQuery.equalTo("objectId", user.id);

var pushQuery = new Parse.Query(Parse.Installation);
pushQuery.exists("user"); // filter out installations without users
pushQuery.include('user'); // expand the user pointer
pushQuery.matchesQuery("user", userQuery);

// Send push notification to query
where: pushQuery, // Set our installation query
data: {
alert: _.template(pushMessageTemplate)({
sellername: sellerName,
streetname: streetName,
amount: amount
}, {
useMasterKey: true,

return Parse.Promise.when(promises).then(function () {
error: function (error) {
log.error('buy-street error', error.message);
response.error("Uh oh, buy request success failed." + error.message);
error: function (error) {
log.error('buy-street error', error.message);
response.error("Uh oh, buy request success failed." + error.message);

Answer Source

I was missing a function error for the return of the promises.

 return Parse.Promise.when(promises).then(function () {
    // Set the job's sucess status
 },function(error) {
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