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AngularJS: Increment input's value

I have a button and an input in html:

<button ng-click="addQuantity()" class="btn btn-xs btn-info pull-right">+</button>
<input readonly type="text" value="{{ quantity || 1 }}" class="form-control totalQuantity pull-right"></input>

And the AngularJS code:

$scope.addQuantity = function(id){


I just want to increment the input.value (which default is 1), with every click on the button. I would to it by myself, but I don't know the most efficient way to do it.

If you have any hints for me, please share. Thank you!

is the
from ng-repeat:

<li class="list-group-item" ng-repeat="(id, product) in itemsToBuy">

The input is added with every repeat of li element.

Edit2: There's a fiddle with whole app:

Answer Source
<button ng-click="addQuantity(id)" class="btn btn-xs btn-info pull-right">+</button>
<input readonly type="text" value="{{product.quantity || 1}}" class="form-control totalQuantity pull-right"/>

Pass the id which serves as an array index to identify exact product in the addQuantity.

And just simply increment the quantity. If quantity is undefined - it is equal to 1, otherwise - increment

$scope.addQuantity = function(id){
       $scope.itemsToBuy[id].quantity = 1;
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