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Javascript Question

I want to store Javascript array as a Cookie

Is it possible, I have a some sort of list and I want to store it on browser, if it is not possible, what is the efficient way of doing this?

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JSON encode it, effectively producing a string like "{name:'myname',age:'myage'}" which you put in a cookie, retrieve when needed and decode back into a JavaScript array/object.

Example - store array in a cookie:

var arr = ['foo', 'bar', 'baz'];
var json_str = JSON.stringify(arr);
createCookie('mycookie', json_str);

Later on, to retrieve the cookie's contents as an array:

var json_str = getCookie('mycookie');
var arr = JSON.parse(json_str);

Note: cookie functions are not native, taken from How do I create and read a value from cookie?

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