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C++ Question

converting from iterator to the object c++

I have an iterator that going over a list, and I try to convert the iterator to the object.

std::list<XMLObjects>::const_iterator objectsIterator;
for (objectsIterator = frame->getObjectsList().begin(); objectsIterator != frame->getObjectsList().end(); ++objectsIterator)
XMLObjects object =(*objectsIterator);

but I get an error:

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFA9A658384 in OR_Comparator.exe:
Microsoft C++ exception: std::bad_alloc at memory location

who can I convert it in a good way?

Answer Source


std::list<XMLObjects>::iterator objectsIterator;

instead of

std::list<XMLObjects>::const_iterator objectsIterator;

and then write in the for:

xmlObjects &gt=(*objectsIterator);
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