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Is iOS CarPlay API Public? How to Integrate CarPlay?

Is the

CarPlay API
publicly available?

Where can we find a programming guide or the reference to these classes if it is?

Or will it integrate seamlessly with other APIs like Audio from


  • This question is broad and may be flagged as so but please do not as though there is almost no information on the subject and a lot of people could find it useful at this stage

  • I live in Switzerland and want to go to Geneva to try out a demo
    app that I would write on a Ferrari lol.

Answer Source

The MusicCarDisplayUI.framework framework is a private framework as of iOS 7.1. Taking a look at the runtime headers of the framework, one can guess why; it's just not ready yet for wide use. Whether Apple will make it public in the future is one's guess.

In the meantime, make sure to open a feature request or directly contact Apple here.

Update: If you wish to have a CarPlay-enabled app, contact Apple using this form.

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