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AngularJS Question

Controller is not getting call when its state is changing

I am using ui-router for routing my angular app. I have set the routing configuration but didn't want to use controller as syntax. I am using following syntax:

url: '/blog',
templateUrl: '/templates/blog.html',
controller: 'BlogController'

However the template is being called into my ui-view but I BlogController is not being called. I have used console.log() into my BlogController but I didn't see anything in my console. Here is my BlogController.js

app.controller('BlogController', function($scope, PostService,){
$scope.postModel = post;

As you can see, I am using a service to call data using $http. Below is my PostService :

app.service('PostService', function ($http) {

this.getPost = function () {
return $http({
method : 'GET',
url : ''
}, function(error){
return error;

I think this the problem related to the service call. I have read some post about resolve property in state method of ui-router. I have tried that but nothing has working. Can somebody please help me to get rid out of this ?

Answer Source

The declaration of the ui-router module is wrong

var app = angular.module('mySiteApp', [require('angular-ui-router')])

Should be,

var app = angular.module('mySiteApp', ['ui.router'])

Check this link for cors errors

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