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Android Question

How to change the compile version in Android Studio?

I always use eclipse to build an android project. When I use the eclipse to start a new project, I can choose the compile version. But in Android Studio, I can only choose the min version when I start a new module. I tried to change the

. But when I clean the project ,I got a lot of errors.Most of them are something like
No resource found that matches the given name ....

Here is my build.gradle

compileSdkVersion 16
buildToolsVersion "23.0.1"`

So my question is :How can I assign the compile version when I start the new module at the first time just like what I always do in the eclipse ?

Answer Source
  1. Open your project;
  2. Choose menu item File->Project Structure, and click your modules (like MyApp), and you will find "Compile Sdk Version" in Properties tab.
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