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Scala - ScheduledFuture

I am trying to implement scheduled future in Scala. I would like it to wait specific time and then execute the body. So far I tried the following, simple approach

val d = 5.seconds.fromNow

val f = future {Await.ready(Promise().future, d.timeLeft); 1}

val res = Await.result(f, Duration.Inf)

but I am getting the TimeoutExcpetion on the future. Is this even the correct approach or should I simply use the ScheduledExecutor from Java?

Answer Source

You could change your code to something like this:

val d = 5.seconds.fromNow
val f = Future {delay(d); 1}
val res = Await.result(f, Duration.Inf)

def delay(dur:Deadline) = {
  Try(Await.ready(Promise().future, dur.timeLeft))

But I would not recommend it. In doing so, you would be blocking in a Future (blocking to wait for that Promise that will never complete), and I think blocking in the ExecutionContext is greatly discouraged. I would either look into using the java scheduled executor as you stated or you could look into using Akka as @alex23 recommended.

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