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C# Question

Adding OR to my LINQ query?

So I have the "Ever Expanding LINQ Query"... I found myself having to tack on a number of parameters and I'm getting crosseyed. I have this:

var ud = db.Updates
.Where(c => c.Sold.Equals(false)&&(c.Status.Equals(("Pending"))))
.GroupBy(c => c.Vehicle)
.Select(x => x
.OrderByDescending(y => y.TimeStamp)

And I need to add an OR to the "c.Status.Equals" to test for multiple string values... such as "Pending" || "Rejected" what's the right way/place to do this?

Thanks very much for any assistance!


You might want to consider storing an array of values to see if any of the constraints are met :

// Store all of the statuses you need to match within a collection
var validStatuses = new []{ "Pending", "Rejected", ... };

Then you would just need to update your Where() clause to check if your existing status matched any of those within your previously defined collection :

db.Updates.Where(c => !c.Sold && validStatuses.Contains(c.Status)))