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Google Play Developer Console: grant read access to single app

Is it possible in the Google Play Developer Console to grant READ ONLY access to a user for a single application?

By default, if a new user is added to the account and no permissions are granted, the new user gets read access to ALL applications.

Note that I am not asking about how to grant the various writing permissions on a per-app basis: I am asking about how to remove the reading permission for all apps.

Answer Source

There is currently no way to limit the invited user's right to view your other listings in the Google Play Developer Console. The only rights you can customize are the following:

  • Create & edit draft apps
  • Edit store listing, pricing & distribution
  • Manage Production APKs
  • Manage Alpha & Beta APKs
  • Manage Alpha & Beta users
  • View financial reports
  • Reply to reviews
  • Edit games
  • Publish games


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