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Swift: How to reference local image in NSURL

I have a code which loads some thumbnails from articles retrieved online and places them into an

object. It looks like the following:

for article in newArticlesArray {
let url: String
if let myGroup = article["group"] as? Dictionary<NSObject, AnyObject>, let myThumbnail = myGroup["thumbnail"] as? Dictionary<NSObject, AnyObject>, let myURL = myThumbnail["url"] as? String{
url = myURL
url = "file://no-thumbnail.png"

let a = Article(t: article["title"] as! String,
da: article["pubDate"] as! String,
de: newDesc,
th: NSURL(string: url)!,
l: NSURL(string: article["link"] as! String)!)

However the issue arises when an article does not have a thumbnail and hence I have to use a local image. The local file for no thumbnail is called
, however I cannot seem to find a simple guide online on how to actually reference a local file, in this case a .png image, through the usage of an NSURL in swift.

Looking for somebody to share some insight into this.


For people interested the solution is as follows:

let th = NSBundle.mainBundle().URLForResource("no-thumbnail", withExtension: "png")
url = th!.absoluteString

Answer Source

You can use NSBundle.mainBundle.URLForResource("no-thumbnail", withExtension: "png")

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