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What does scaffolding mean in Laravel 5?

I'm coming back to programming with Laravel by reading the documentation in the official website. Now I realized there is a 5.0 version and I'm trying it, but by I've noticed something called "scaffolding for user registration and authentication" and I don't understand it at all.

Maybe it's because my main language is Spanish and that word doesn't make sense for me in this context, but I'm really confused.

In the website, the paragraph says this:

Laravel ships with scaffolding for user registration and authentication. If you would like to remove this scaffolding, use the fresh Artisan command:

php artisan fresh

So I would like to know what does it exactly mean and what does it stand for.

Answer Source

The term Scaffolding roughly aims to a quickly set up skeleton for an app or your project.

The main purpose of Scaffolding is to speed your workflow rather than creating it new.

Here is the JeffreyWay/Laravel-4-Generators for your reference.

If you don't want you shall use php artisan fresh as you said in your question.

To get the generator back from your composer

composer require laracasts/generators --dev
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