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Trim string in JavaScript?

How do I trim a string in JavaScript?

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Since new Browsers (IE9+) have trim() already implemented, you should only implement trim() if it is not already available on the Prototype-Object (overriding it is a huge performance hit). This is generally recommended when extending Native Objects! Note that the added property is enumerable unless you use ES5 Object.defineProperty!

For those browsers who does not support trim(), you can use this polyfill from MDN:

if (!String.prototype.trim) {
    (function() {
        // Make sure we trim BOM and NBSP
        var rtrim = /^[\s\uFEFF\xA0]+|[\s\uFEFF\xA0]+$/g;
        String.prototype.trim = function() {
            return this.replace(rtrim, '');

See this:

String.prototype.trim=function(){return this.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');};

String.prototype.ltrim=function(){return this.replace(/^\s+/,'');};

String.prototype.rtrim=function(){return this.replace(/\s+$/,'');};

String.prototype.fulltrim=function(){return this.replace(/(?:(?:^|\n)\s+|\s+(?:$|\n))/g,'').replace(/\s+/g,' ');};
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