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Google Web Fonts don't load in Chrome for iOS

When I use Google Webfonts, they load fine on every browser I care about, EXCEPT Chrome/iOS. This seems odd, as it works fine on Chrome for Mac and Safari for iOS, so I don't think it's an iOS problem or a Google Chrome problem. It seems to be specific to Chrome/iOS.

Any ideas, or ideas on HOW to troubleshoot this, would be great!



I am using Google Web Fonts hosted on Google, with the following:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

In my font (SASS), I am using the following:

font-family: "Leckerli One", cursive

Answer Source

I'm seeing the same issue. Hosting the font files on my own server and rewriting the @font-face rules to match solved the issue for me, both with my local dev server and in prod.

I don't know the cause; my best guess would be some same-origin issue that's enforced differently in UIWebViews (iOS Chrome being a UIWebView due to App Store rules).

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