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How to pass parameters in Perl with out data getting altered

I have curious problem I can't get around. Can you please see what I am doing wrong. I am trying to build an XML in Perl using XML::LibXML. All works fine until I start building sub routine and pass arguments.

First The code that works

my $root = $doc->createElement("XML_FILE");
my @sortedOuterTags = qw ( JMS_VERSION

# Use hash slice to access the list in hash elements
# Remember has elements are accessed randomly, hence hash slice-ing

my %outHashTags;
@outHashTags { @sortedOuterTags } = ( 'data1',

for my $name (@sortedOuterTags) {
my $outTag = $doc->createElement($name);
my $outValue = $outHashTags{$name};

Builds output:





Now the error:

As soon as I spin off for loop to an sub routine as show below I get errors. I am passing 3 paramenters.
1) can't get array values of storedReportTag
2) can't get %reportHashTag data
3) $report element is empty


buildXMLElements(\@sortedReportTag, %reportHashTags, $report);

sub buildXMLElements() {
my( @elementTags, %hashTags, $parentElement) = @_;

for my $name (@elementTags) {
my $reportTag = $doc->createElement($name);
my $reportValue = $hashTags{$name};


I want to put in sub as I have several tags to build to re-use the code. I tried passing parameters both directly and as reference.......

Thank you

Answer Source
buildXMLElements(\@sortedReportTag, %reportHashTags, $report);
sub buildXMLElements() {
  my( @elementTags, %hashTags, $parentElement) = @_;

You can't do that. The entire contents of @_ will be assigned to @elementTags. To pass arrays or hashes to a subroutine you must pass a reference. Try instead

buildXMLElements(\@sortedReportTag, \%reportHashTags, $report);
sub buildXMLElements() {
  my( $elementTags, $hashTags, $parentElement) = @_;

Now, in the subroutine $elementTags is an array reference, and $hashTags is a hash reference. To refer to an element of elementTags use $elementTags->[$i] or to refer to the entire array do @$elementTags. Likewise, for reportHashTags key lookup use $hashTags->[$key], or for the entire hash use %$hashTags.

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