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A WebException with status TrustFailure was thrown. AmazonS3 .net 3.5 Version 3 invoking from sharepoint 2010

Currently I am working in POC with CRUD operations using AmazonS3 Sdk for .net 3.5 version 3. I am trying to retrieve the Region Endpoint(Location) of the specific bucket name using secret key and Access Key and bucket name( has Location: EU (Frankfurt) (eu-central-1)). in order to establish connection
with AmazonS3 and perform CRUD operations
So I get the A WebException with status TrustFailure was thrown when I tried to get the Region Endpoint from share point(web page I create my own page using the master page of SharePoint) in order to create AmazonS3Client instance with Region Retrieve.

with the following code:

private string defaultAmazonHttpsHost = "";
private string defaultAmazonHttpHost = "";

private Amazon.RegionEndpoint GetRegionEndpoint(string bucket, BasicAWSCredentials amazonCredentials, bool useSSL)
Amazon.RegionEndpoint regiongEndpoint = null;
AmazonS3Config configurationClient = new AmazonS3Config();
configurationClient.UseHttp = !useSSL;
configurationClient.ServiceURL = useSSL ? defaultAmazonHttpsHost : defaultAmazonHttpHost;
using (AmazonS3Client clientConnection = new AmazonS3Client(amazonCredentials, configurationClient))
GetBucketLocationRequest locationRequest = new GetBucketLocationRequest();
locationRequest.BucketName = bucket;
string locationName = clientConnection.GetBucketLocation(locationRequest).Location.Value;
if (locationName.Equals("EU", StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase))
regiongEndpoint = Amazon.RegionEndpoint.EUWest1;
else if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(locationName))
regiongEndpoint = Amazon.RegionEndpoint.USEast1;
regiongEndpoint = Amazon.RegionEndpoint.GetBySystemName(locationName);
catch (AmazonS3Exception amazonS3Exception)
throw amazonS3Exception;
catch (Exception unExpectedException)
throw unExpectedException;
return regiongEndpoint;
BasicAWSCredentials credentials = new BasicAWSCredentials("my access Key", "my secret key");
AmazonS3Config configurationAmazon = new AmazonS3Config();
configurationAmazon.RegionEndpoint = GetRegionEndpoint("bucketName", credentials, false);
AmazonS3Client _s3 = new AmazonS3Client(credentials, configurationAmazon );

My task Perform CRUD operations + test connection with AmazonS3 Sdk .net 3.5 version 3 , with the source information :
-secret key
- access key
- bucket Name

the strange is if this part code run(execute) since another Project (without share point interaction for example: Console Project) I do not get this exception) Do you know what is the problem?

Answer Source

I used the following before execute any request to amazonS3 and now it works as expected I think the problem was with the certificates that sharepoint is using .

ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback +=   
    object sender,   
    X509Certificate certificate,   
    X509Chain chain,   
    SslPolicyErrors sslPolicyErrors)  
         return true;  

the post provide a explanation about it

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