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How to restore deleted projects in spyder

I deleted a project from my project explorer in spyder.I checked recycle bin or its existing directory whether I can bring it back but it isn't there.Is it possible to bring the project back or know where it is?

Answer Source

Projects that have been deleted in Spyder can't be restored at the moment, i.e. they are completely removed from the operating system.

This will be fixed in Spyder 3.0.2 (not released yet) because for this version we added the following functionality:

  1. Projects deleted through Spyder won't be removed from the operating system.
  2. We added a Delete project action to the Projects menu to do that. That action will delete the current project from Spyder but won't remove it from the operating system.
  3. We show a warning when users try to delete a project in the Project Explorer.
  4. We don't allow a project to be removed from the File Explorer.
  5. We hide the project configuration directory (called .spyproject) from the Project and File explorers to prevent its removal.
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