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C# Using 2 sqldatareader at same time?

Hello is there a way to use two sqldatareader at same time ?

i was coding a program

and i got error because i use 2 readers at same

Sample of code

SqlCommand LoadSilk = new SqlCommand("SELECT silk_own FROM SK_Silk WHERE JID = (SELECT JID FROM TB_User WHERE StrUserID = '"+ comboBox1.Text +"')", Connection);
SqlDataReader SilkReader = LoadSilk.ExecuteReader();
SqlCommand LoadCharacter = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM SRO_VT_SHARD.DBO._Char WHERE CharID IN (SELECT CharID FROM SRO_VT_SHARD.DBO._User WHERE UserJID = "+ JID +")", Connection);
SqlDataReader CharacterReader = LoadCharacter.ExecuteReader();

textBox5.Text = SilkReader[0].ToString();
Silk = SilkReader[0].ToString();
dataGridView1.Enabled = true;
button2.Enabled = true;
while (CharacterReader.Read()) {
dataGridView1.Rows.Add(CharacterReader["CharID"].ToString(), CharacterReader["CharName16"].ToString(), CharacterReader["CurLevel"].ToString());
log(comboBox1.Text + " account data loaded");
catch (Exception ex) {
} finally {

and its gave me that error

There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which
must be closed first.

Answer Source

The error message is misleading. You must have MultipleActiveResultSets=True set in your connection string to be able to send two seperate commands with two different readers.

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