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Commonly used library specification or documentation form?

it might be weird question but I want to document my own library specification for me-sake.

I'm doing pretty complex project myself, which is rendering humans thinking process while solving math problem due to (also) my own recognition theory, without professional aid.

While this project, I've feel that classes and its dependencies quite complex and my programming skill do not reach the level that handles easily those complexities. Naturally, I'm thinking about documentation(?!) and hopefully there is some commonly used documentation form that I can use.

Well, I probably can write some descriptions myself but it will be an disorganized text fragment with my current skill level. I carefully prospect that the documentation experience helps me acheive next level of programming skill.

Where can I find this kind of form? Or can you send me a sample that you guys using? Thanks.

Answer Source

Many people use PHPdoc.

phpDocumentor analyzes your code to create great documentation. phpDocumentor enables you to generate documentation from your PHP source code. This documentation provides an in-depth view of your project to you, your consumers and contributors.

A bit old post but is worth it Keeping Your PHP Code Well Documented

And one good thread here on SO

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