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Declaring variables inside or outside in a for-in loop

Having this two options:

Option A:

var index;
for (index in myObject) {
// Do something

Option B:

for (var index in myObject) {
// Do something

I don't know if in the option B the variable
it's being redeclared every time of the loop or just once.

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Those two snippets of code do exactly the same thing (and that's the case in most language such as C, C++ and C# amongst others). If the variable was redeclared at every iteration, then following your logic, it would also be re-initialized, and would constantly loop over the same object. Your loop would be infinite.

On a side-note, in JavaScript, all variable declarations get pushed to the function scope; this means that you can declare variables anywhere within a function, even within nested loops, and they will only be declared once.

Link to the var documentation

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Edit courtesy of @torazaburo:

If you want to declare a variable with a local scope (as in, a variable that will only defined in the current block such as a while or if, you can use the let statement:

let var1 = 123;

It also allows you to override variables with the same name but declared in a higher scope, such as in this example from the docs:

function letTest() {
    let x = 1;
    if (true) {
        let x = 2;  // different variable
        console.log(x);  // 2
    console.log(x);  // 1

See the full documentation (and examples) here.

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