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Dockerfile Build Error

I am trying to build a dockerfile for a Euler App to test ShinyProxy via ""

I am using the dockerfile from that link.

Upon using the command

sudo docker build -t openanalytics/shinyproxy-template .

I get an error while the build is processing that:

Error: unexpected end of input
Execution halted
The command '/bin/sh -c R -e "install.packages(c('shiny', 'rmarkdown', repos='')" ' returned a non-zero code: 1.

I am curious why I am getting this error as this is the same exact command from the dockerfile.

What can I do to resolve this.


Answer Source

Look closely at the syntax of the R install library line and you will see its missing a closing parenthesis

I just manually fixed that syntax and it correctly builds that step

correct syntax

RUN R -e "install.packages(c('shiny', 'rmarkdown', repos=''))"

build it as

docker build --tag r_base .

NOTE - as docker build progresses it then fails later attempting to

COPY euler /root/euler

lstat euler: no such file or directory

To troubleshot this just comment out all Dockefile lines from offending onward and replace bottom line with

CMD ["/bin/bash"]

then it will build correctly and allow you to login to running container to further troubleshoot

docker run -ti r_base bash

I know nothing of R so will leave it to the reader to fix euler install issue

cd /
find . | grep


That looks good so leave commented out its COPY in Dockerfile

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