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How can I compute the inverse cross product of a vector in numpy?

How can I perform the inverse cross product in numpy?

That is, given two numpy arrays

, how can I find
such that

a.cross(b) == c

EDIT: Could whoever downvoted please let me know what they didn't like it, so that I can learn from their opinion? I asked the question because I didn't easily find an answer anywhere. Turns out the question is mathematically ill-defined (as people pointed out), but from now on if people look it up here this answer will show up and they'll know that quickly and easily.


There only exists a solution if a and c are orthogonal, and the solution is not unique.

Then, a = np.cross(b,c)/np.dot(b,b)+t*b is a solution for all t.

See this question on Math SE: http://math.stackexchange.com/questions/32600/whats-the-opposite-of-a-cross-product