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Git Question

If a git tag changes on remote, a git fetch does not update it locally. Is this a bug?

I fixed it for my repo by deleting the local tag and then doing a git fetch. This brought the updated tag.

Is there are "right" way to update tags that may have changed on the remote? This is a simple tag, not signed or anything, created with "git tag "

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Make sure you fetch all the tags (through git fetch --tags), to get all the tags and not just ones referencing commits reachable from the branch heads.

Those (fetched) tags are annotated ones (and not lightweight), and if you add deleted one on the local repo, they will just pop back after the fetch.

However, if you have deleted a lightweight one, then you need to recreate it locally: a lightweight tag isn't pushed or fetched to/from a remote repo.

Note that starting git 1.9/2.0 (Q1 2014), git fetch --tags will fetch everything (like git fetch), plus the tags. See "Does “git fetch --tags” include “git fetch”?".

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