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Must Apple "FairPlay Key Security Module" be implemented in C?

I am trying to figure out how to implement a Key Security Module (KSM) for Apple FairPlay into our Key Server but as far as I understand from the sample "Server Reference Implementation" project in Apple FairPlay SDK which is written in C, they want or they advice us to implement in C.

But in one of their FairPlay slide, it says that:

  • Implement KSM logic from scratch using protocol specification, or

  • Customize the C reference implementation in the SDK (language,

The first sentence tells us that we can implement it from scratch.

So, does anyone implement Apple FairPlay Key Security Module in another language rather than C?


Answer Source

I've written a Fairplay implementation in Python and specified an implementation for Java - it can be written in any language you choose as long as you have the necessary crypto libraries available (or know how to implement some of the required asymmetric cryptography).

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