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Python Question

How to insert as many numbers as were mentioned before using raw_input?

I want the user of my program to provide a number and then the user must input that number of numbers.

My input collection code

inp1 = int(raw_input("Insert number: "))
inp2 = raw_input("Insert your numbers: ")


If the user enters
Insert number:
then they have to input three numbers (with spaces between them) at
Insert your numbers:

How do I limit the number of values in the second response to the amount specified in the first response?

I assume, we should use a list to work with.

my_list = inp2.split()

I'm using Python 2.7

Answer Source

Use the len function to get the length of the list, then test if it is correct:

inp1 = int(raw_input("Insert number: "))
inp2 = raw_input("Insert your numbers: ").split()
while len(inp2) != inp1:
    print "Invalid input"
    inp2 = raw_input("Insert your numbers: ").split()

Another approach would be to get each input on a new line seperately, with a loop:

inp1 = int(raw_input("Insert number: "))
inp2 = []
for i in range(inp1):
    inp2.append(raw_input("Enter input " + str(i) + ": "))

This way, there are no invalid inputs; the user has to enter the right amount of numbers. However, it isn't exactly what your question asked.

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