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Using javascript Variables in MYSQL Queries

I've been working on this problem for a while and can't seem to find any good info on it.

I'm running a node.js server on an EC2 instance and need to add rows to a MYSQL table with the following code:

client.query('SELECT curattend FROM table1 WHERE ind=1', function(err,result){
att = result[0].curattend;

client.query("INSERT INTO archive (attendance) VALUES ('att')", function(err,info){



I printed 'att' before and after just to be sure...att is equal to '233'. However, the number'0' keeps getting uploaded into the MYSQL table.

Can anyone point me to a resource that can help me solve this? Thanks!

Answer Source

Based on user2246674's constructive comments, I also learned something today.

Rather than this:

client.query("INSERT INTO archive (attendance) VALUES (" + att + ")"

Try this instead:

 var att  = result[0].curattend;
 client.query("INSERT INTO archive (attendance) VALUES (?);", [att], function(err,info){ });
 // This creates the insert statement INSERT INTO archive (attendance) VALUES (att);
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