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How to get path to a subfolder in main bundle?

I have a project which I am migrating from Obj-C to Swift 3.0 (and I am quite a noob in Swift).

How do I translate this line?

NSString *folder = [[[NSBundle mainBundle] resourcePath] stringByAppendingPathComponent:@"myfolder"];

I managed to get resourse path:

let resoursePath = Bundle.main.resoursePath;

But how do I get path to a subfolder named "myfolder"?
I need to get a path the subfolder, not path to the files inside it.

Answer Source

In Swift-3 make URL, and call appendingPathComponent:

let resourcePath = Bundle.main.resourcePath
let subdir = URL(fileURLWithPath:resourcePath!).appendingPathComponent("sub").path

or simply

let subdir = Bundle.main.resourceURL!.appendingPathComponent("sub").path

(thanks, Martin R!)

See this Q&A on information on stringByAppendingPathComponent method in Swift.

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