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Phone number formatting an EditText in Android

I am making a simple Address Book app (targeting 4.2) that takes name, address, city, state, zip and phone.

I want to format the phone number input as a phone number (XXX) XXX-XXXX, but I need to pull the value out as a string so I can store it in my database when I save. How can i do this??
I have the EditText set for "phone number" input but that obviously doesn't do too much.

Answer Source

There is a library called PhoneNumberUtils that can help you to cope with phone number conversions and comparisons. For instance, use ...

EditText text = (EditText) findViewById(;

... to format your number in a standard format. a, String b);

... helps with fuzzy comparisons. There are lots more. Check out for more.

p.s. setting the the EditText to phone is already a good choice; eventually it might be helpful to add digits e.g. in your layout it looks as ...

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