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Markdown Footnotes

I've recently starting writing academic work in markdown format for a number of reasons and I am so far very happy with everything except I am confused about footnotes.

I use OSCOLA referencing - footnotes at the bottom of each page with a bibliography at the end of the work.

How can I best implement this in MD? I am using the Atom for editing and preview.

Answer Source

pandoc has a built-in reference manager, pandoc-citeproc. See the manual. You'll need a bibliography file in a supported format, for instance bibtex. You can then use the @refkey syntax to cite a reference in your markdown. Finally, you'll need to compile your document using a relevant csl style. In your case, it seems like there is a csl file implementing OSCOLA.

So, first create a reference file; here would be example.bib with one reference:

  title={General theory of law and state},
  author={Kelsen, Hans},
  publisher={The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.}

Then, in your markdown file, use @refkey:

Hans Kelsen states in an influential book[@kelsen1945general] that...

Download the OSCOLA style and put it in your path (for instance ~/.csl/ on unix.

wget -O ~/.csl/oscola.csl

Finally, compile with pandoc and relevant options:

pandoc -o example.pdf --bibliography=example.bib --csl=oscola.csl
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