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Qt 5.1.1: Application failed to start because platform plugin "windows" is missing

Some people started to mark my question as a duplicate. Do not forget that many similar questions existed when I asked this one (see e.g. the list below). However, none of these answers solved my problem. After a long search I found a comment which had been ignored by all users pointing to the missing lib. Now, many months later, the comment has been changed to an answer. However, when I answered this question by msyself I intended to help other people by directly providing the solution. This should not be forgotten and so far my answer helped a lot of people. Therefore my question is definitely not a duplicate. By the way: The accepted answer within the provided link on top does not solve the problem!

Yes, i used the search:

Failed to load platform plugin "windows". Available platforms are : Error

Deploying Qt C++ Application from Visual Studio qwindows.dll error

failed to load platform plugin "windows" Available platforms are: windows, minimal

However, in my case the problem still persists. I am using Qt 5.1.1 with Visual Studio 2012 and developed my Application on Windows 7 with Qt Creator 2.8.1. Application is compiled in "Release"-mode and can be executed if directly started with Qt Creator.

However, when starting from the "release"-Folder, i get the following message:

This application failed to start because it could not find or load the
Qt platform plugin "windows". Available platform plugins are:
minimal, offscreen, windows.

Folder structure looks like this:

+ gui.exe
+ icudt51.dll
+ icuin51.dll
+ icuuc51.dll
+ libGLESv2.dll
+ Qt5Core.dll
+ Qt5Gui.dll
+ Qt5Widgets.dll
+ platforms

Platforms is the folder directly copied from Qt\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1\msvc2012\plugins\platforms including e.g. qwindows.dll. Does not matter if I rename it to "platform" as some other users did. Qt is still not finding the "platform plugin windows", where is my mistake?

Answer Source

Okay, as posted here without much attention by other users:

The libEGL.dll was missing! Even though this has not been reported when trying to start the application (all other *.dlls such as Qt5Gui.dll had been reported).

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