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Storing an array of structs in GlobalVariables.cs in C#

I have an array of structs. How do I store them globally in GlobalVariables.cs? When I try, it gives an error saying it is inaccessible due to its protection level. Please Help!

Here is the GlobalVariables.cs code:

public class GlobalVariables
List<Employee[]> persons = new List<Employee[]>();

Here is the form code:

List<Employee> persons = new List<Employee>()
new Employee { Name = "alfred", Id = 203476, Authority = "1" },
new Employee { Name = "barbara", Id = 182856, Authority = "4" },
new Employee { Name = "chris", Id = 398046, Authority = "2" },

And here is the Employee Struct:

public struct Employee
public string Name;
public int Id;
public string Authority;

Answer Source

I'm not sure from your code what you're trying to do, but if you make GlobalVariables a static class (public static class GlobalVariables) and then access it like GlobalVariables.persons from your other classes, things should be okay. If that doesn't work, try to explain a little more what you want to do with your code.

public static class GlobalVariables
   public static List<Employee[]> persons = new List<Employee[]>();

//fields of static classes need to be static and public if accessed from other classes }

Then (from another class):

Employee person = new Employee();

EDIT: whoops - just noticed your global list is a list of arrays, so you would add person[] instead of person. Not sure why you want to do that, but the code above answers your question of global access through the use of public static.

on a side note, the use of


would be much easier than


for most purposes. you can always group your list if needed using something like


if you really NEED to group your employees, it might be better to use a global Dictionary<> rather than a list of arrays.

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