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Mocha: Approach to Testing instance of express.Router

I've been designing a javascript controller file and I want to testing if the instance of my controller have a instance of the express's method


import {expect} from 'chai';
import {UF_Controller} from '../../controllers/uf.controller.js';

describe('UF Controller', UFControllerDescription);

function UFControllerDescription(){
it('1. Should be have a express router instance', spec1);

function spec1(){

and my controller

import express from 'express';
import { uf } from '../models/uf.model';

class UFController{

this.router = express.Router();
this.router.get('/', this.getAll);

getAll(req, res, next){

getUF(req, res, next){

insertUF(req, res, next){

replaceUF(req, res, next){

updateUF(req, res, next){

deleteUF(req, res, next){

export const UF_Controller = new UFController();

My question is:
This is a valid way check an instance of the express router???

Answer Source

There's no need to duck-type Express router.

express.Router isn't a constructor an doesn't establish normal prototype chain that can be detected with instanceof. Instead, it establishes prototype chain manually via hacky mixin technique.

It can be tested with

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