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CSS Question

Getting warning on elements with "btn-normal" class

I've searched all around but haven't come across with anybody else getting this warning. I'm using Visual Studio 2013 Professional. I've got a class called

that I assign to my standard buttons in my web application. Whenever I build the project, along with other warnings I get this one:

When using "btn-normal", you must also specify the class "btn".

I've tried searching my entire solution for "btn-normal" but I haven't found anything else than what I've specified in my CSS file. I know it's a minor thing but it is still annoying. Does anybody know why I get this warning?

Answer Source

I finally found it. After googling around for btn- I realized that bootstrap button classes are prefixed the same way. (Look here for bootstrap buttons. )And I have Web essentials in my Visual Studio and it by default validates any html against Bootstrap naming conventions.(At least this is what I assume is the case.) After turning this option off and restarting the IDE I got rid of the warning. To turn it off go to Tools->Options->WebEssentials->HTML. Under Misc set Enable Bootstrap validation to False. Do not forget to restart the IDE.

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