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Running Node.Js on Android

So i know this has been questioned quite a lot. To be exact for example in these questions:

Run NodeJs server in Android

How to run my node.js project on android?


NodeJS on IOS/Android

Every option presented has a problem though:

  • I want to run it on my normal device so i would like to avoid installing another OS on my Device

  • Work on JXCore was stopped last month and (maybe as a result) i couldn't get it to compile (see Can't install jxcore-cordova)

  • The Android Port of NodeJs Anode has not been worked on since 2014 and wasn't really maintained back then anyways

  • The second answerer in the second thread i linked to mentioned there is an official node distribution for Android now but apart from a link to the Browse-Website of the latest dist i couldn't find any info on how to actually use it

  • I also saw this but it seems like the device has to be connected to a PC (or similar) to run the adb shell commands while i would like to make it as a seperate App

With the time that past since these questions have been posted and as the "best option" JXCore seem to be now unusable:

Is there a way to run a node.js application (a server in my case) on an Android device?

if you're wondering why I'd want this: I made a WebApp with a Node.Js server and i now want a version you can launch locally from your phone without requiring an Internet connection. This means the server needs to run on an Android phone.

Answer Source

This tutorial should provide you with an idea of how to begin setting up Termux on your Android device. Termux (link provided here) is a Linux environment with a terminal emulator built specifically for Android.

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