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Cannot install Alamofire in new Xcode Project. "No Such module Alamofire"

I follow the instructions to the T. Fresh install of all, yet getting the error:

"No Such module Alamofire"

Directions here:

In the meantime, you can simply add Alamofire as a git submodule, drag the Alamofire.xcodeproj file into your Xcode project, and add the framework product as a dependency for your application target.

And my screenshots

enter image description here

enter image description here

Answer Source

Make sure you haven't added any files from Alamofire to your project except for the Alamofire.xcodeproj

Here is step by step instruction:

  1. Download and unarchive Alamofire
  2. Copy the root folder of Alamofire to any subfolder of your project. Libs, for example.
  3. Drag and drop Alamofire.xcodeproj to your Xcode project
  4. Open project settings of your project, Build Phases pane, expand Target Dependencies section, and add Alamofire as new dependency
  5. Open General pane, expand Embedded Binaries section, and add Alamofire.framework
  6. import Alamofire // in your source file
  7. Alamofire.request(.GET, "http://httpbin.org/get") // use Alamofire
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