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Can't able to receive group chat messages using smack-android:4.1.4

I am developing chat app using smack library. I have an issue in group chat. In my app, i am creating a group and in that members are auto-joined.i want to notify all user when I send a message in the group even if they had not initiated a chat.My code is as follow in that I have place listener in init method but unable to receive a message.

multiUserChatManager = MultiUserChatManager.getInstanceFor(mConnection);
mMultiUserChat = multiUserChatManager.getMultiUserChat(to);
mConnection.addAsyncStanzaListener(this, null);
DiscussionHistory history = new DiscussionHistory();
mConnection.addSyncStanzaListener(this, null);
try {
mMultiUserChat.join(from, "", history, SmackConfiguration.getDefaultPacketReplyTimeout());
} catch (SmackException.NoResponseException e) {
} catch (XMPPException.XMPPErrorException e) {
} catch (SmackException.NotConnectedException e) {

Here is message listener of group

public void processMessage(Message message) {
Logg.e(TAG,"Message received group..");

I don't know why this method does not call when someone send message in group, even I joined group, If I create 1 group and joined 2 users, when 1 user sends message in group then user2 can't able to receive message, but when user 2 send message inside this group then they both are able to receive messages.

Please help me, I can't able to find the solution. Please don't give suggestion which is already deprecated.

Thanks in Advance.!!

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I'm full editing answer after full code review. -again-

I suggest to refactor your code to keep separation of roles in more than 1 huge class.

Basically you are especting messages in wrong listener due to many "addasync - addsync" in your code and you are able to receive messages just as side effect of your monster-class-all-in!

I see many optimization you need to apply to your code. It's too long to explain and out of the question, however, just as example:

1. sendGroupMessage You can check by MultiUserChatManager if you
already joined the chat and then send the message. You must fire a
"join" just once, not everytime you want to send a message.

2. mMultiUserChat.addMessageListener(this); A listener must be added ONCE or you'll create tons of threads. Probably it works because you have a singleton. While you have a listener, you don't need to add it anymore to that chat if you don't remove it.

  1. mConnection.addSyncStanzaListener(this, null); Be carefull: you are adding your listener (wich one? You implements tons of listeners with same class) to your connection. Before or later your code will eat an important stanza (prolly a custom IQ) and you'll have an hard to discovery side effects.
  2. mConnection.addAsyncStanzaListener(this, null); same of 3
  3. Check for ProviderManager.addExtensionProvider(), before or later you'll need some.

Hope that helps.

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