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MySQL Question

not getting expected result from sql query select python

I am trying to select from a specific row and then column in SQL.
I want to find a specific user_name row and then select the access_id from the row.

Here is all of my code.

import sys, ConfigParser, numpy
import MySQLdb as mdb
from plaid.utils import json

class SQLConnection:
"""Used to connect to a SQL database and send queries to it"""
config_file = 'db.cfg'
section_name = 'Database Details'

_db_name = ''
_hostname = ''
_ip_address = ''
_username = ''
_password = ''

def __init__(self):
config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
print "making"

_db_name = config.get(self.section_name, 'db_name')
_hostname = config.get(self.section_name, 'hostname')
_ip_address = config.get(self.section_name, 'ip_address')
_user = config.get(self.section_name, 'user')
_password = config.get(self.section_name, 'password')
except ConfigParser.NoOptionError as e:
print ('one of the options in the config file has no value\n{0}: ' +
'{1}').format(e.errno, e.strerror)

self.con = mdb.connect(_hostname, _user, _password, _db_name)

self.cur = self.con.cursor(mdb.cursors.DictCursor)

def query(self, sql_query, values=None):
take in 1 or more query strings and perform a transaction
@param sql_query: either a single string or an array of strings
representing individual queries
@param values: either a single json object or an array of json objects
representing quoted values to insert into the relative query
(values and sql_query indexes must line up)
# TODO check sql_query and values to see if they are lists
# if sql_query is a string
if isinstance(sql_query, basestring):
self.cur.execute(sql_query, values)
# otherwise sql_query should be a list of strings
# execute each query with relative values
for query, sub_values in zip(sql_query, values):
self.cur.execute(query, sub_values)
# commit all these queries
return self.cur.fetchall

def get_plaid_token(self,username):
result= self.query("SELECT access_id FROM `users` WHERE `user_name` LIKE %s",[username])
print type (result)
return result

print SQLConnection().get_plaid_token("test")

I would like the get the transaction ID but for some reason "result" returns

> <bound method DictCursor.fetchall of <MySQLdb.cursors.DictCursor
> object at 0x000000000396F278>>

result is also of type

Answer Source

try changing this line:

return self.cur.fetchall


return self.cur.fetchall()

Without the parentheses after the method name, you are returning a reference to that method itself, not running the method.